Our Team


  • Lee Umphrey, Chief Executive Officer                                                      
  • Sue Dalton, Director of Administrative Services                                    
  • Josh Stubbs, Director of Integrative Services                                         
  • Harry Foss, Caretaker
  • Tina Ingersoll, Patient Accounts
  • Robin Reynolds, Patient Accounts
  • Roberta Willey, Receptionist
  • Chelsie Preston, Receptionist
  • Carol Sawyer, Receptionist

Clinical Team:

  • Phil Elkin, Medical Director
  • Sandra Wakefield, COO, RN BSN, Co-Chair Quality Team
  • Kadi Merchant, Care Coordinator & Nursing Supervisor, RN
  • Mary Shea, FNP
  • Lilly Gardner, MD
  • Rowlinda Stone, MD
  • Sandy Phoenix, FNP
  • Robert Scovin, DPM
  • Valerie Sawyer, LPN, Lab Technician
  • Barbara Bateman, Prescription Clerk
  • Angela Junkins, CMA (AAMA)
  • Teresa Peabody, Medical Records
  • Aura Crowley, CNA
  • Kristina Bailey, CMA
  • Breanna Libby, Husson Medical Student
  • Adrianne Glick, CMA
  • Danielle Robinson, WCCC Medical Student

Dental Team:

  • Travis Castleberry, DMD
  • Nikki Hodgdon, RDH
  • Jamie Pickering, Dental Assistant
  • Jacqueline Thomas, Dental Assistant

Behavioral Health Team:

  • Dan Gasper, LCPC, LADC
  • Linda Bird, LCSW
  • Jody Mountcastle, LCSW

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